Digikey order

I will 100% be ordering from Digikey Monday. I almost certainly will be ordering from Verical as well due to Digikey not stocking an important part.

If you need electronic components, let me know by noon monday. I’ll pay your shipping.


5 of these please! 336-2914-ND


I’ve been using the Abracon ASDMB with good success. I have those on hand in 16Mhz. They’re inexpensive and work well.

Wow, same footprint and pinout! Nice! Unfortunately I do need 24MHz.

Can you add one 535-11728-1-ND to that? I want to try these out and see if they are less sensitive than the Silicon Labs ones. I think I fried the current oscillator I have.

I’ll have my part numbers to you shortly. I was about to pull the trigger on a small order (but on Mouser) – so, just in time! I just have to get the digikey #’s doh! Sorry, living out west makes one a Mouser customer – love them. Used to be 1 day turnaround to my shop with standard shipping.

Jon, you might want to think about replacement of any ceramic capacitors you’re using as snubbers, with regulator circuits, or decoupling. Metal film can reduce flyback noise — ceramics ring like crazy in those applications. I can show you the other tricks, but maybe think about faster BJT’s if needed, and possibility of increasing input caps. Optoisolators are useful, as are better, higher wattage zeners. Just thoughts of what may arise…

Just have the good mylar caps on hand okay? That goes a long way. Also a tin foil hat and a shrine to Jim Williams with an offering of opamps and an always open copy of The Art of Electronics…


If you haven’t sent the order in yet (don’t worry if you have)

10 2N7000TACT-ND
10 MMBF5457CT-ND
2 P10779-ND

Thanks so much. I’ll get the rest of it off my standing orders at Mouser.


no yet. running behind as usual. going to try to hit shipping cut off tonight, fingers crossed.


Cool Cool. If you guys need anything from Mouser, let me know. I’ll be doing that in a day or two. They have some good stuff too.


I missed shipping cut off. Still wrestling with cars. Trying again tomorrow.