Digikey order on Friday

Hey guys, going to be putting in a Digikey order this Friday, for sure, probably, just want to see if anyone wants to combine an order with mine. I’ll cover shipping.

I have to order:
10x ED2610-ND (3pin terminal)
10x ED2609-ND (2pin terminal)
10x AZ1117CH-5.0TRG1DICT-ND (5v SOT223 reg)
3x MPXHZ6400AC6T1CT-ND (4bar MAP sensor)

I already ordered PCBs and need to have parts here by Wednesday. I too do not mind paying shipping. I already have a pile of stuff for Jon and Lorin sitting here. Let me know whether you want to order this or you want to give me your parts and I’ll order them. If I don’t hear anything back from you by 8pm EST tomorrow, I’m going to pull the trigger and order stuff myself so I make shipping cut off.


Oh! I didn’t realize yours wasn’t sent yet. I’ll toss in on yours, then. I’m ordering a whole pile of things, just checking over the list tonight. I’ll post that to your thread just to keep things straight.


This is another order… Just post em here. Or better yet - make a public quote or BOM or something of that nature so I can add all the parts quickly.

I am doing a lot more contract design stuff so I’m ordering multiple times per month. I’m getting ready to do a bigger order of parts from non-digikey for a production run next week.


Ah, that makes more sense, then.

Here’s a BOM.


10x ED3044-5-ND (8 pin 0.3" DIP sockets)
10x AE9989-ND (14 pin 0.3" DIP sockets)
10x ED3046-5-ND (16 pin 0.3" DIP sockets)
2x ED2611-ND (4-terminal blocks)
10x ED2612-ND (5-terminal blocks)
2x ED2615-ND (8-terminal blocks)

Resistors and Pots

10x CF14JT1K00CT-ND (1 kΩ)
15x CF14JT2K20CT-ND (2.2 kΩ)
60x CF14JT10K0CT-ND (10 kΩ)
10x CF14JT1M00CT-ND (1 MΩ)
6x DJA14CT-ND (20 kΩ trim pots)
3x 3352T-103LF-ND (10 kΩ thumbwheel trim pots)
9x AAS15CT-ND (100 kΩ trim pots)


12x UVP1H010MDD-ND (1 uF bipolar al-elec)
10x UVP1C100MDD-ND (10 uF bipolar al-elec)

10x 493-5955-ND (100 nF al-elec)
15x 493-1885-ND (470 nF al-elec)
40x 399-6596-ND (1 uF al-elec)
10x 399-6587-ND (47 uF al-elec)

10x BC1001CT-ND (10 pF)
3x BC1006CT-ND (27 pF)
3x BC1008CT-ND (39 pF)
3x BC1009CT-ND (47 pF)
10x BC1011CT-ND (68 pF)
10x BC1041CT-ND (82 pF)

3x 490-8871-ND (1.5 nF)
10x BC2675CT-ND (2.2 nF)
3x 445-4743-ND (2.7 nF)
10x BC2662CT-ND (10 nF)
3x 399-9799-ND (12 nF)
3x BC2671CT-ND (15 nF)
25x BC2665CT-ND (100 nF)


6x MAX7401EPA±ND (switch cap filter)
3x MCP1702-5002E/TO-ND (5V regs)
13x MCP6022-E/P-ND (MCP6022)
4x MCP6044-I/P-ND (MCP6044)


5x CP1-3525NG-PI-ND (3.5mm stereo phone jacks)
5x CP1-3525NG-GR-ND (3.5mm stereo phone jacks)
3x 102-1732-ND (Electret mics)
12x J111_D74ZCT-ND (JFET)
15x BAW62-ND (Si diodes)
6x 36-232-ND (9V battery thingies)

Wups, almost forgot oooone last thing:

2x 296-1563-5-ND (74HC00)

You can make quotes/orders on digikey that are public and shareable. THAT is what I meant :slight_smile: Saves having to type everything in.
I also probably have tons of the sockets you want already.

Ah! That is a nice feature indeed. Looks like my account isn’t fully activated yet, I just made it, so here’s a shared cart link:


Hopefully, that’ll do it. And if you do have 10 or so of each of the 8-pin, 14-pin, and 16-pin DIP sockets that you can spare, that’d be nice indeed.


Actually, when I open that cart, 4 of the items (some caps, BC10xxCT-ND) give me an error, which tells me to sub in the same item. Does that just happen sometimes? Or have I selected the wrong packing style of something?

I will look later. At work now. You might have selected out of stock item or an invalid quantity or specified a bulk pack part number when ordering smaller q.

No hurry.

Looking again, it’s not the BC10xxCT-ND items, but the BC26xxCT-ND ones. They’re both cut tape, though, and when entering them it suggests the exact same item and packaging, and it says they’re in stock, thus my confusion.

Thank you for ordering with Digi-Key.

You want me to send you a paypal invoice to the email you use for hive list or do you want to do check/mo/cash?


Paypal invoice is perfect, and to this email yes. Thanks!