Digikey-Mouser-Arrow order MONDAY

If you need any electronic components, let me know before MONDAY 1/28.

I already have a few things from Hodapp and need to get an order in before he kills me for being too slack.

I’ll pay shipping, you pay parts.

-Dave B.

I would like one of everything please.

Do you realize how many acres digikey’s warehouse takes up? I thought we were trying to de clutter

Bah wish I knew sooner I placed my order Friday from mouser , cause I didn’t think you guys wanted like 997 330uf capacitors =P
silly digikey and there 1000 unit lot’s wlEmoticon-smilewithtongueout[1].png

I was supposed to order last week but it got away from me. I’m just hoping Hodapp forgives me.


I was going to come and break your kneecaps, but then I thought of something cute you said about your kids and decided not to.

Last chance… pulling trigger in an hour or so.