digi-key order

Is anyone planning a digi-key or Mouser order soon? I only need a couple of small parts and I could split the shipping cost.

Or maybe someone has a couple of 4 pin PCB screw style terminal blocks with 2.54mm pitch lying around they would be willing to sell me?

I have a bin of 2 pin blocks in my boxes of tricks. They support themselves nicely as a solid block when placed next to one another.

I can leave a few at the hive the next time I’m there. Probably this weekend.

  • Ry

Thanks for the offer but it turned out that another part I ordered on Amazon had the wrong pitch for the pins so I need to order that anyway. And I misread the shipping costs. For 8 oz it will only be ~$3 so no big deal. If you need anything from Digikey let me know. I’m going to wait on one more package arriving today or tomorrow to make sure it is correct before I place the Digikey order.

I’m doing 2-3 digimousarkarrowical orders/month. While I’m not a hive member, I still like almost all of you and would gladly add on to orders to help.

For future reference, I have both 4 pin latching (i.e. Molex) 2.54mm connectors and 4 pin 2.54mm terminal blocks in stock. :wink: