Detroit Maker Faire

Are you going? What days are you planning on going up? Have you found a hotel room yet? Do you want to carpool (Can you drive)?


  • Yes

What days are you planning on going up?

  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
    Hotel room?

  • Negative, I am willing to sleep on the floor of a shared room.

  • I can drive w/ 3 passengers

If I can hitch a ride up with someone else.

*What days are you planning on going up?*
Fri, Sat, Sun

*Hotel Room?*
Haven't looked, would be willing to sleep on floor. I have a sleeping
bag and tent. :smiley:

Claiming a seat with Paul. :smiley:


What days are you planning on going up?
Fri, Sat, Sun

Hotel Room?
Haven’t looked either, I’m willing to share a room or get my own

I can probably get the van again this year, it seats 6 or 7. Note I don’t think we need quite as many inverters this time.

Van would be nice actually. I'm assuming there was some sort of
inverter overload last year?

i'm putting the hard sell on the wife and kids to go, we'll see how that goes.

If you need some ammunition here are some of the pictures I took last year:

Hodapp had an even larger collection of pictures, I am trying to get him to find a link to them.

Indeed I did, being the shutterbug as usual. The public link to my
Facebook album is:
It was a pretty awesome, all and all.

Not so much overload as we had an average of 1.5 inverters per occupant. And the van has one built in already…

Skunkfest 2010! How could I have forgotten…

So, current status that I see so far:


  • Definite: Paul, Brandon, Chris Davis, Jim - All of which are planning on Friday / Saturday / Sunday
  • Possible: Chris Anderson & Family
    Chris Davis has volunteered his van which worked quite nicely last time and I think it can hold 5 passengers.

Yup, I’ve got the van, seats 6 pretty comfy, 7 if you aren’t worried about cooties / bedbugs.

Sounds like you all are up o some fun! Enjoy your trip!

the fam and i will be there saturday :slight_smile:

What time would the Friday crew be leaving? I probably can’t take the day off, but might be able to leave work early.


I’m still interested in going if I can catch a ride with you all.

What days?

I’d like to go for the whole weekend.

Hotel Room?

I’ll definitely chip in and bring a sleeping bag.


My car can take 3 passengers if need be, but I’d rather ride and contribute $ for gas.


Same. I might be able to get off of work an hour or so early. If I
head straight to the Hive, I should be good. How's parking going to
look? Do you think it'd be OK to leave our cars down there for the
weekend? I know Spring Grove isn't the nicest of places haha.

Also, what's the ticket situation? Should I buy them now? Which one
should I get? The 2 Day or the Super?

When I was there last year, most of us bought 2-day tickets at the

I was the only one that placed an order ahead of time last year, and even then I did it so late that I had to pick it up once I arrived anyway.

This page describes what a “Super Pass” is

The regular 2-day pass gets you access to Maker Faire for both days as well as access to the Henry Ford Museum for those two days.

The Super-Pass also gets you the above as well as access to “Greenfield Village (plus historic rides), 1 visit to Ford Rouge Factory Tour and 1 IMAX movie voucher”. We did not do any of that last year, so I think it is pretty safe to just go w/ the 2-day pass, especially since it is almost half the cost.

Also, it appears that online registration for the hotel is closed right now, but this same thing happened last year and Ed called them to make reservations.

Hyatt Regency Dearborn
600 Town Center Drive
Dearborn, MI 48126-2793
Tel: 313-593-1234 Fax: 313-593-3366
Reservations number is: 1-888-421-1442

We should probably try that again this year.