design, cad and makerbot help for a motorola droid charging cradle/docking station

my wife and i just got moto droids and i wanted to get a couple of
those multi-media docs for them, but i don't think any will work with
my protective case, so i am probably stuck making my own. this would
be cool except that i have never designed anything before, so i need
some help.

there are thousands of instructables for making iphone docs, and one
here for making a droid dock out of a box:

a few folks have made docs from legos, but i thought a dock printed
with black ABS plastic would be totally bad ass.

the droid senses car and multimedia docs with a magnet and brings up
either a full screen navigation program, or a clock/slide show program
based on the polarity of the magnet. a cursory google search
indicates a fridge magnet is all you need, plus a right angle microUSB
cable since the droid sits sideways in most docs.

here is a thingiverse entry for a g1 dock:

and another for a g1 with an extended battery:

and one to put a g1 in sideways:

but g1's charge from the bottom (i'm assuming), not the side, so no
droid love so far from thingiverse, i think it's time for hive13 to
step up :slight_smile:

the droid has to sit sideways in wide screen mode, and there is talk
about the work surface for the makerbot not being big enough to print
the dock in one piece in this thread:

based on that, i think the dock would probably have to be printed in a
couple of pieces and glued/snapped together. also the droid is really
heavy for a mobile phone, so regardless of the design, it will
probably washers or something to anchor the unit to keep it from
falling over if bumped.

i think all that might be necessary is to modify the 1058 or 1559
designs a bit to accommodate the side charging nature of the droid and
to add a place to attach something to anchor the base.

anyone interested in helping me? anyone else with a droid interested
in a desktop charging dock?

I have a droid and would definitely be interested in a desktop
charging dock. I own the car dock from Motorola, and can bring it in
for measurements or if we want to inspect it more closely.

I do know of one person working on this via the Makerbot mailing list,
but he hasn't published his design files yet. You maybe could contact
him and see how far along he is.

His name is also Dave M. See this thread:


I have the desktop dock as well - I can bring it to tonight’s meeting. I’ll be a little late, around 8:15pm.


dave - there are PNG's of his early designs are here:

but it looks like a ton of plastic, and based on the blog post it's a
2.5 hour print time just for the base. i'll bet a different design
could use way less plastic and accommodate more cases and the like.

oh, and there is a second piece to the design mentioned in the thread,
but no images posted.