Dent puller

Does anyone have a little suction cup dent puller? I’d hate to buy one for a one time use.

  • Ry

how big a dent?
I don’t have ‘dent pullers’ but you can get large suction cups at some flea markets and Tractor Supply might have them…

Can you send a picture of the dent and year and model of car. I will dig through my stuff when I get home but I have some sets that use a mini slide hammer and different types of cups with prongs to latch on to and the use different temp adhesive that are specifically for griping the panel and not stressing the paint. If I cannot find mine katie dad is a pro body tech at kings automall and will take care of ya, text me the details. Currently at the beach in the obx for a week still fixing things and getting things ready for rounds of chemo for a really close relative, things have been rough but we’ll figure it out. Especially if your by kings auto mall one day he might knock it out in a few moments or meet you at the hive for a pack of bud light lol.