Delta Planer mostly down... until further notice


The ends of the planer cutting bits are bent downward such that the middle planes okay but the edges are “thinner”.

I’m not saying I didn’t make this happen BUT while I was planning some boards, I noticed they came out of the planer shaped incorrectly. When I came in the planer was set for a really thick piece of wood (1/2 foot) and I cranked it down for my 3/4" piece. I took a look and can visually see the ends are bent. Needs new ones - I’ll replace as soon as I find some…


The wiki’s planer page has a link to the appropriate blades.

Hmm, that is really odd.

I just bought new knives for the planer about three weeks ago and installed them on the 1st of the month.

They were definitely straight when Elly and I installed them. There is a link to amazon for the knives we purchased on the wiki (

I’m really curious as to how the knives got bent. Can you take a picture of what they look like?

Thanks James,

Yeah, they were fresh blades. After they were installed, we did test runs, and the pieces came out feeling as if they were freshly sanded (I was amazed and very happy), so at least we know they were installed properly.

If anyone knows what happened, but you don’t want to blast it to the list, just send me a private email. These things happen, and I would rather know what happened, than trouble shoot and wonder. Maybe next time, I can include that in the instructions when I teach people how to use it, so people are aware.


The blades we bought were dual sided, so we can rotate them to the other side if need be.

Didn’t mean to include the bottom line about the dual sided blades, if they are bent it doesn’t matter. Whoops! :stuck_out_tongue:

So I just inspected the blades and I am pretty certain the fault lies in Elly and I installing the blades.

What I am assuming happened is that we didn’t tighten one of the screws that hold down the blades all of the way.
This then allowed wood chips to be forced under the blade as it was cutting and bending one knife.

If you have already ordered new knives I can pay you back. If not let me know and I will get them ordered ASAP.

Sorry if any of your wood was messed up. Sucks that one of the new knives is ruined.


On this kind of planer - that same thing can happen if you try to chew too much hardwood in one pass. Not to worry - new blades soon. Let’s just hope that screw isn’t stripped.


I can see how that could happen as well. Thanks for making sure it gets fixed!

I may purchase an extra set of knives in the future just in case.