Delta 3d printer

I did not want to have this get burried on the ultimaker discussion. I was going to start building my kossel plus size linear bearing 3d printer. As with all of my printers I never mind brining it down for hive use or projects/ 3d printing days. With that being said is there anyone who is interested in the deltas or want to build it out with me so more hands/ eyes/ brains are on it for when it comes back down for events or makerfaires. Also this model pops up often on bid fta and is EXTREMELY reasonably priced for its specs and being a larger diameter delta. I do not know if it would be a possibility for a model the hive would seek for the fab lab as well?

Kevin -

If you’re open on Thursday evenings, we might consider doing this build as a group project over a couple of 3D Thursdays. I’d certainly be interested.

  • Ry

Lets do it, that is cool with me! I do need to get printing again, my ultimaker has been down. Is that cr10 working decent?

Lorin and I are also going to restart our sidetracked Delta printer project. Anyone interested in participating chime in. Delta’s should stick together.

I would love to help!! I have access to a sla and pla printer

Joe Pomeroy

I’m 3d print useless but electronics handy.

The next scheduled 3D Thursday is this week, starting at roughly 6:30 PM. If you’re able to appear, we can wrench on that delta for a few hours.

The CR10 has been a workhorse at .8mm in PETG. I’m having some really strange sidewall ripple in PLA that I haven’t taken the time to figure out. The printer has been down at the hive next to the Ultimaker since the open house, though I think we’re only using it on Thursday this far.

  • Ry

I’m not going to make it to 3D Thursday today. Between lingering jetlag and household catch up, I’m whipped.
Still looking to get the Delta project going soon.



Do you think I should look at upgrading the hotend, nozzle, and feeder mech ? I think I bought an aluminum mk7 kit however I cannot remember what box I pit it in.

Hopefully the pla issue can get figured out as to pick one of those printers up in the next bigger size could be a really cheap option to print large volumes

I will have to use my cr10 or the ultimaker tomorrow during the afternoon to print an xbox controller part in petg