December Game Day 2013

This Saturday, December 7, I will be at Hive13 for game day. Since the games don’t usually start until 3:00 PM I will be showing up around 12:30 or so to start cleanup, which shouldn’t take more than half an hour.

I encourage all those interested in game day to bring games that they enjoy. Whether they be the standards like Scrabble or Munchkin, or more difficult to find games like Dominion or Carcassonne. I will be bringing my Munchkin deck and some Christmas add-on decks. I look forward to seeing everybody there, and having a good time.

Remember, if you can’t enjoy yourself in the game, it’s not play, it’s work.

Given the weather forecast for this weekend, if the roads are too horrible for me to make it in to Hive13 on Saturday, I encourage others to play it safe and NOT risk their lives for game day. We can always wait until the next week or month if the weather is excessively bad.

Considering the cancellations at the professional level for tomorrow, I am cancelling game day On Saturday December 7. If anybody wants to reschedule, post here, otherwise, we will have our next game day in January.