Dayton Diode now has a space!

Hello Hive13,

Just an update that Dayton Diode now has a space. Its been a long road
but we finally got here. So we are thinking of having an open house on
February 5 if any one would like to come to the space. Or if you are
in the Dayton area anytime before then just send a reply here and I
will try to make sure the space is open to see it.

Some pics of the space on our wiki,
Somewhat small and empty but we think it is a good start. The price is
right at least.


I am very pleased to see this too. I'd not heard from Dayton Diode in
a long time, and seeing some definite progress is great.

Hey just as a reminder Dayton Diode’s open house is tomorrow Feb 5, starting at 1PM and goes till Midnight.