Dado Blade Set

Hey everyone,

Does anyone have a dado blade set, either 8"or 10", that they would be willing to donate or loan to the hive? (James mentioned he may have one, but I am asking in case he doesn’t.)

I think it would really enhance the wood shop (and prevent people from making too many simple butt joints! haha). Dados are strong, easy and help immensely when lining a finished project up for fastening or gluing.



Elly (et al),
I put a 7" dado set on the toolbox on the workbench. It’ll do 3/16-13/16 if the saw arbor is long enough. It’s a medium grade but should be good enough for all but the most finicky of woods.

I realize I never sent the reply I typed up, sorry!

Thank you so much!! It is right at the width limit of dados our saw can cut, so it is perfect. I made a new insert so our saw is now good to use it. I actually already used it in the project I am working on, and will be using it again tonight.

Lastly, just wondering if the blade will be on loan or a donation? I want to update the wiki properly.

Thanks again,



We can call that dado set a donation. It sat so long in the toolbox unopened that it’s probably a bonafide antique valued at over 6-figures.

I feel privileged to have used it! Haha thanks again.