Cyber Week Blowout Pricing on Selected Soldering Stations by HEI

In case anyone is looking for a soldering/desoldering setup for themselves, this is the place the unit at the hive was purchased from 12 years ago. The last two specials they have $425/$231 are a LOT less than I’ve paid for the same tools I use every week.

Please forgive the forward.

Yikes! This stuff is expensive, I’m glad to be a Hive member!

I foolishly bought all my gear at full price. The lead-free solder/desolder/hotair I have at the house was $800. The $425 sale one does as much or more than what I have. Oh well. :slight_smile:

The JBC iron is better than just about any other soldering iron out there. $350 is a really good price for it too. It is pretty much the last iron you would need to buy.