Cura Settings

Just as a little FYI, I was doing a little 3D printing today, and after a few prints, I created a profile in addition to Lorin’s that is clearly marked so I could tweak a few settings without disrupting the established settings Lorin came up with. I’m bringing this up because I forgot to switch it back to Lorin’s, and while it’s just a simple drop down option to switch it back, I just wanted to give a heads up if anyone else was going to use the Ultimaker and were expecting to use Lorin’s settings. Probably a no-brainer for the people most likely to use it, but just wanted to put it out there nonetheless.

Tim W.

Thanks Tim,

I saved various useful settings for all of our printers, and will both install more on the computers at hive, and post them to the wiki so folks can retrieve them as needed.

I also installed the Prusa version of slic3r, which is excellent and configured it for Ultimaker. Despite the fact that this is the Prusa branch, it will work with any 3D printer and is really nice. I made presets on there as well that people can try.

Oh, and sorry I left that plate-holder print on the Ultimaker Tuesday. Feel free to set it aside.