{CTO} Hive13 DynDNS update

Hello all,

We now have dynamic DNS capabilities setup for *.at.hive13.org. This is RFC 2136 compliant service like dyndns.org, etc.

An example is the to access the physical space downtown you can now goto:


You can use this domain to gain access to internal resources such as shell access. If you are a member of Hive13 and want some personal machines (laptops, etc) tracked we can do that as well. Simply send me your pub DNSSEC key and we will setup permissions for the domain. Linux example: http://linux.yyz.us/nsupdate/

If you want access to space.at.hive13.org please contact Dave B for access.


You say ‘like’ dyndns.org; how do we actually have this set up?

Craig has bind that runs hive13.org to accept zone transfers from hosts that have RSA keys on file. The pfsense RFC 2136 widget works with the setup.

With bind. Clients generate a dnssec key pair and send me the public key. I then add the key to the bind access list. Clients can then update with nsupdate or a script.

Eventually I’ll add directions on the wiki with per OS instruction.