Someone reset the password on the pfSense box. (it was at the default) I’m not sure who or why. If you reset the firewall, please at least send me an email so I can put a sane password back in! Our firewall is remotely accessible so it CANNOT be left with ‘pfsense’ as its password!!! For whatever reason, DDNS stopped working too. I reconfigured it and all is well now again.

I do NOT want to lock things down to the point where people have to track me down to make changes because it is not my style.
HOWEVER if it happens again, I will lock the console and the firewall will no longer be open for quick changes.


That’s really odd. I don’t know of anyone who was working or even looking at the firewall recently. Do we know when it was changed?

No. It was clearly a console password reset. I’m not that worried about it, yet.