So, have you all seen this #CryptoParty thing? Looks like a good
time. We should do one.

Either as a cinci2600 thing or as a Hive13 thing.

First question: do this on a normal meeting night ( Tuesday night or
First Friday night) or do this on another standalone night?

Second question: anyone got some crypto-skills to share? I can
probably give a run-down of Tor and maybe the Guardian Project apps.
Retroshare? Bitcoin? GPG? VPNs? What else you got?


I can talk about file/disk encryption.

If we don’t want to do this to be a recurring event, or one-off thing?

The easy thing to do would be to make it part of Cinci2600, maybe as a one-off and depending on interest, making it recur?

How many folks out there have crypto needs? would someone be interested in a general purpose “why strong crypto is important to everyone” type talk, maybe as one of the hive13 speaker events?

I have plenty of info to share.

Perhaps we could set up the event to include a pub key / Fingerprint swap for GnuPG as well.

I vote for having a cryptoparty at the next 2600 meeting. I think the interested crowds would overlap.

Next cinci2600 meeting is October 5?

Does that work for everyone?


I’m interested but I don’t have any crypto magic to share myself.


i can give my lightning talks about crypto tools from a couple of years ago.

We have a date on when this is happening yet ?!?!? :slight_smile:

Next 2600 occt 5 i think