Crypto-Party in February.

As part of my spring special topics course & media lab, my students will be hosting a Cryptoparty. I would like to ask Hive13 if we can host this event at hive (I do not presume to advocate as a member on this one, as I am primarily the professor here).

A crypto-party is essentially an “anything goes” event open to anyone interested in personal and information freedom, security, anonymity, and ethics of technology. It is a place to ask questions freely, to share experiences, and to learn from each other in person and hands on.

More information is available at

I will be asking my students to curate this event, and they will likely provide some activities, such as how to make a Raspberry Pi Tor Router or another DIY topic. However, it is an open discussion, and some activities will only be a small part of it.

This event is not affiliated with any political or socioeconomic stance. All viewpoints are welcome, as all can benefit from greater insight in this area.

I would like to promote the event and make it open to the wider community.

I can probably provide funds for beverage, snacks, and some other supplies from my class budget. However, I ask that Alcohol not be officially provided (BYOB is cool, though).

What do folks think. Let me know, as I will need to reserve a space elsewhere if Hive13 is not interested in sponsoring this with us.


I think this falls right along the lines of "hackerspace" as well as in line with our mission statement. This is would certainly fall in line of technology education. Not sure if the hive should provide funds for snacks drinks etc, or if you were even suggesting that.

Mission Statement:
Hive13's mission to to encourage people to make. We strive to see people discuss and build their dreams. Our goal is to promote science & technology education, open source values, and skill sharing amongst it's members and the community.

Sounds really awesome to me.

No, I was offering to support with my paltry course funds.

Big thumbs up!!

Sounds awesome and right in line with what we’ve done in the past (long ago :P)!

I am down to participate.

Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help.

In for the fun.

I’ll get the class started on planning Monday. Should have time / date soon.

any date/time update Lorin?