Cross Stitch Class at Needlecraft Night

I am trying to gauge the interest level for having a intro to cross stitching class during needlecraft night on the 25th.

I plan on bringing supplies, aida fabric, needles, floss, and hoops, to needlecraft night and will do a introduction and be available to answer questions/ help figure out where things might have gone wrong, if people are interested.

If you are sounds like fun, please let me know so I can be sure I have enough hoops for everyone. While I am not an expert in any one type of needlecraft, I have done quite a few and enjoy answering questions and helping others get started!

I’m pretty sure I’ll be there and I’d like to try cross stitching again. I’ll try to remember my glasses this time.

I also need to find a design that more suites my personality better

How’s this? because I also need this.


That might be a bit ambitious for a first project and it looks like a picture of a finished project not a pattern... I can see if I can find a simpler brain pattern that would be better as a first project.