Create your own lock pick set!

The Lock Forensic group at Hive13 is having a class to show you how to create your own high quality metal bogota style pick set. The study of locks and lock picking is fascinating. A bogota style lockpick has a backend that can also work like a tension wrench. We will be making 2 of these style picks in the class. The two stiles will be the half diamond and the hook. If time permits we will have templates to make some more advanced designs. We will also have lots of test and progressive locks to test our your new lock picks on as well as a quick demo on how to picks locks if you haven’t yet.

Proceeds from the class will goto buying equipment for the lock forensics lab. Lock forensics is the science of analyzing a lock to determine if it has been picked, what tools were used and the skill of the attacker. Hive13 holds the only known public group doing this research and welcome anybody to participate on the 2nd Thursday of every month.

Class with be held Thursday Nov 17th, 6:30-8:30pm

If you are a hive member and did not get your discount code then send me an email for the code.

To signup go here:

Nice and just about to schedule my classes for next term, hopefully that Thursday will be open. Thanks.

Awesome! Let me know if for some reason you can’t make it. I totally thought of you when I set this class up. In case you didn’t get the discount code already it’s PICKDAT :slight_smile:

This class is mainly to raise money to buy the things we need to make picks and help with forensics. So after this class we will have all the supplies necessary to make more picks :slight_smile: Either way, you’ll get some picks.

Remember, some of us on this list are lurkers, and not yet hive 13 members. So if discount codes are meant just for members, you might not want to post them in the mailing list. Of course, since the list of attendees will be small, I guess you would notice if a non-member used the code.

True. I wasn’t even paying attention to the reply :slight_smile: Like most Hive related things it is a good faith type of system. Even if you did use the code we most likely wouldn’t say anything. There is also nothing stopping members from just showing up at the space during the times of a class for free. But since class costs are usually to buy equipment most (all) usually play by the rules.

hehe, it’s kind of like how we have lock on lockers. We all know they are useless to the membership and most stay in the unlocked position. A lock hanging on a locker is more of a note that the owner rather you not mess with the things inside :slight_smile:

Can't wait for this class. I talked to a few friends of mine and both
of them seem interested so they will probably be registering soon. I
missed the forensics classes i think that were going on in summer. Co-
op kept me busy. Now that i'm in class i'm back to complete learning
mode again. Hope to see more classes

Yes the sooner the better. Once we get enough people registered we will go ahead and order all the equipment for the class. Once the supplies and tools have all been paid for we will use the extra money to build out the lock forensics lab. Plus registering early gives us a better idea on how many people to expect.

Look forward to seeing you there!