Crap on work tables and counters

I know I am super guilty of coming in and plopping my stuff on a table and the kitchen counter. But I have been finding lately that once you account for the stereo, backpacks, coats, purses, phones, laptops, beers, glasses and food even on a moderate day sometimes there isn’t much room left to… make stuff. I am going to make a concerted effort to find a different place for my crap and reign in my sprawl and I encourage others to do so was well. I’m going to try reserving part of my storage space for dumping my stuff and making a hanger for my coat, backpack and purse.

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It can be tricky. I try to avoid putting my stuff right on tables, but I also don’t just want it sitting right on the floor for someone to trip over or step on, but I also don’t want it sitting in a distant corner where I’m liable to forget about it… Hangers sound like a good idea.