Craig's list 14" bandsaw

Jason (+):

I will call about this 14" bandsaw tomorrow
There are others on Craig's list Cincinnati, but this looks like the
best starter bargain to get the ball rolling.


Looks great!


Well, I called at noon today and the $210 Eagle 14" bandsaw sold to someone else this morning.

The next two choices are a 12" Delta bandsaw for $175 (good condition, good price, but small size) and a 14" Delta bandsaw for $400 (preferred model at a realistic price, but more expensive)

I’ve got e-mail inquiries in on both. Am I authorized for either if they are available?


Just heard back on the $400 Delta 14" bandsaw. It is still available
and I made an appointment to see it in Warsaw, KY at 6:00pm tomorrow
night. This is the same model I have at home so if it is in good
condition, I'd recommend it. Anyone available wanting to join me to
see it, reply and I'll send you the address details off list. I won't
commit to buy it until I hear back from what the officers recommend.


From the finacial hive side of things we don’t have extra cash to buy tools. If you want to teach a class or two then I’m sure we can use 100% of the proceeds of your classes to pay off the tools.


I’ll throw $100 towards it.

I pledged $250 last night. With Ed's $100 that just leaves $50.
Anybody want to pitch in?

I can cover the remaining $50

Let's do it!

Well, Jim still needs to check it out to make sure it is worth buying. I would hate to spend $400 for a worn out piece of machinery that barely works.

However, at least now Jim knows he has funding backing him up if it is worth purchasing.

Thanks everybody.

So I understand, Jason, Ed, and Paul are volunteering a ‘donation’ and I am ‘authorized’ to evaluate this particular opportunity. If it looks good, I can proceed to make the acquisition. I will negotiate and see if there is some flexibility in the price and whether it looks like a good deal. I won’t pay top dollar and won’t buy junk. This band saw will then become an ‘asset’ that is fully-owned by the HIVE13 legal entity. This means if any of us individually leave, the tool stays with the HIVE. If the HIVE were to dissolve, this band saw and any other ‘inventory’ is treated per the legal guidelines of a non-profit. None of this is expected, but it is best to have a clear up-front understanding.

If there is money left over, perhaps we can start and seed a HIVE13 tool fund and organize to solicit additional donations from additional sources. Thanks Jason, Ed, and Paul for stepping up as stakeholders and benefactors to get the ball rolling. We will need other donations down the road for consumables like blades.

The location is in Warsaw, KY, about 45 minutes southwest down I-71. Again, if anyone wants to join me there at 6:00pm let me know and I’ll share address details. I will have a vehicle big enough to haul it back if we close the deal.

I’ll monitor for any last-minute feedback or instructions…


Thats awesome, thanks Jim!

Is it kosher to offer the seller that anything he takes off the price is a donation to the hive?

Yes, and that is already one of the intended negotiating strategies.

Final deal, $325. We have a saw. I’ve got it at home now. I’ll clean it up and bring it in Tuesday.

Wooo! I can bring you a check for my portion next Tuesday, if that's agreeable.

Perhaps we can use the remaining $85 to buy a nicer shop vac?

FYI - I've still got the saw partly disassembled for cleaning and
won't be able to bring it in tomorrow as I first thought. It is
cleaning up nicely though...