Coworking & introduction

Hello Hive folk,

My name is Gerard Sychay. I'm a local PHP developer. I think it was foxydot who informed me about Hive13. I know PlayerTwo and Karl also from the local PHP group. I believe I met Dave M. once at a Tweetup or something. (Hi Dave!)

Your progress so far is impressive, and this concept as a whole is near to my heart. I'm currently attempting to open up a coworking space in Cincinnati. So far, I've manage to put up Wordpress. ( - take the survey!). I'm taking it slow with small steps, but am committed. To me, a coworking space seems to be the same thing as a hackerspace, only with fewer power tools.

In any case, I thought I'd say hi. With a newborn at home, I don't think I'd have the time to justify a full membership, though I'd love to take a class or two on something like soldering or home automation, or find some other reason to hang out in the space. Electronics turn me on.

Digression: several years ago, I "decided" to take up robotics for a hobby. I bought a book, and a few hundred dollars worth of electronics. All I manage to do was build a breadboard circuit that turned on an LED when it got dark in the room. Nifty, eh? I haven't touched it since, and everything is still up in my attic.

Great job on the work so far, and I intend to make it to an upcoming meeting.


Hi Gerard!

It's good to know that the word about our hackerspace is getting out
to awesome local people. I think the idea of a co-working space is
definitely along the same lines as what we're doing. If there is any
way Hive13 can be of assistance, let us know.

Probably the best time to come visit right now would be on a Tuesday
night when the most people tend to be there at the same time for our
weekly meeting. Also, this coming Saturday we are having a sort of
low-key party to break in the space and you'd be welcome to come to
that. I know we have lots members with skillz to teach - I'm hoping
to learn how to solder properly too. No classes have been scheduled
yet, but stay tuned.

See you around,