COVID + Mask Update for Hive13 (As of 7/19/22)

As you surely have noticed, there has been a recent rise in COVID cases, both inside and outside of Hive13. Our top priority has always been to keep you, our members, safe.

That’s why we are strongly recommending that everyone wear a mask in the space. Currently, we’re not reinstating masking as mandatory, but our policy continues to be that we may choose to change this when the reported infection level changes to medium or high.

We know, it sucks. We’re all tired of COVID, but unfortunately it’s not done with us and can still be incredibly dangerous.

You all have been fantastic about leadership know when you’ve been testing positive, and when you may have been in the space and contagious. We cannot thank you enough for that, and ask you continue to do so. It’s thanks to you that we’ve been able to stay open. Stay healthy out there!