COVID-19 and Hive13 move

Hello Hive members, I hope this email finds you and your families happy and healthy!

Members have been asking: when will Hive13 reopen, when will we begin moving, and what is Hive13 doing to protect its members in the face of COVID-19?

Regarding reopening, you may begin returning to Hive13 any time you wish so long as you adhere to Hive13’s guidelines including those stated below. Remember, Hive13 is a community. We need to help keep each other safe as well as ourselves.

Each person entering either Hive13 premises, whether member or guest, will:

The risks from COVID-19 are serious. While some of our members may feel they are at low risk, others among us have a very high risk from the virus. Worse yet, many people with COVID-19 will not show symptoms for days or weeks or ever, but yet they are sick and spreading the virus. Then there are others who will go from feeling well to needing intensive care in a matter of hours. Please do your part to help keep everyone safe. Keep flattening the curve.

Hive13’s move is … Moving slowly, but still moving.

The new space has been cleared of shelving, cleaned and painted. It looks simply amazing. The HVAC systems are installed. Some of the new plumbing has been roughed in. The main electrical panels are due to be installed soon. Wall materials have been ordered and delivered. The build-out of the 2nd bathroom has begun. Our landlord has generously offered his team at a remarkably good rate. This was an absolute no-brainer from both cost and protection of our members. We continue to explore other opportunities to have other work done for us so that we can both move sooner and still be safe.

Staying safe in the face of COVID-19 while building out the new space and moving is our top priority. It will require cooperation to protect each other. Eventually we are going to have to step in and do our part of the move. Rather than have an “all hands call” we will establish small work teams to minimize contact with others. Please feel free to sign up to be part of the moving teams. The team leaders will determine who will participate in a given activity. Watch the mailing list, Slack and join our regularly scheduled meetings to find out more.

Thanks and stay safe,

Hive13 Board and Officers

Sounds good Will. Quick question.

Will the Hive supply sanitizer to wipe down work surfaces or should we bring or own?


We have one and a half packages of sanitizer wipes left. If you have some, please bring your own, as it’s been hard to get more. If we have them, they will be on the kitchen table when you walk in, with spares on the bathroom shelves or under the kitchen sink.


Kevin M.

There is also bleach based spray sanitizer to clean surfaces.

Yeah a spray sanitizer is more of what i was thinking. Might not be great for cast iron though. I Will stop down in the next couple days and five the cast iron surfaces in the wood shop a good waxing. Does the hive happen to have renaissance wax? If not i think i have minwax paste wax easily accessible.

There is paste wax either in the flammables cabinet or on the tool shelf