Couple of newbie questions

So I’ve come to a couple of meetings, and still trying to find my way around.

  1. Where exactly are the plans (or at least just the dimensions) for the member boxes? Elly mentioned the wiki, but I’ll be darned if I can find.

  2. Any restrictions on what can be posted in the mailing list? To be clear I’ve got some stuff I’d like to sell, mostly to get rid of it, that might be of interest to members, are For Sale posts acceptable? I promise to keep it on topic: tools and materials. - i don’t see the cad files but i imagine a bit of digging will find them. If you are going to do a for sale post, maybe put everything in one email?


Thanks that’s exactly what I was looking for. It’s easier at this point for me to make something without the CNC machine, but I doubt I’ll be the last to ask.

One thing worth mentioning is that after a year of burn in time, our initial impressions on box size have turned out to be incorrect.

The overall storage area of 30x40x100cm seems fine, but a fully loaded box of that size is unwieldy at best.

You might consider making two half length boxes.

  • Ry

Thanks a couple of people have mentioned that, and with 3.4 ply it’s turning out pretty heavy empty so 2 boxes seems like the way to go.