Cost of a structural engineer for the floor

So during the discussions about the large seiki mill a few of us it was decided that we need to get a structural engineer down to the hive to figure out what sort of loads the floor can take.

I know Dave B said he had a guy to his house recently and it cost him a few hundred bucks. I’m not sure what that price included though so we may want to get a quote directly.

Dan M asked his father, but that was a no go.

I called a guy that I was referenced to as being really good and got a quote. He told me for what we want a max of $500 would be a good estimate.

My quote may be on the higher end so I figured it would be a good price to send out for now.

We need to get this figured out before we can bring in a 2,000 lb machine in to our space. It will also be pretty useful for any other large machinery we want to get in the future. I will try to contact Dave B’s guy, but I want to start moving forward with this.

I’d like to propose a budget of $550 for this. I’ll announce it at the meeting tonight. This is just one of the biggest blocking items for the mill that I would like to get out of the way. Any comments and questions welcome.