I left the racetrack early enough to stop at Caesar’s Creek Flea Market on sunday, There is now a bag of sweet corn on the counter that is fair game for munching - simple prep: leave the husk on and toss it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes then strip the husk back and season to taste. Or fix it however you prefer.

There is also a large zip loc bag of shredded roast beef in sauce in the fridge and hamburger buns (and some cheese) They are all labled ‘fair game’

There are also some chips on the kitchen table and a jar of spinach dip in the fridge.

Kitchen warden Nancy

Also a friendly reminder to wash your dishes and keep food safe items food safe.

Pure Awesomeness! Thanks again for everything :slight_smile:

SOOO DELICIOUS!! Thank you so much!!

I really do like the ease of being able to microwave steam the corn.

Also another tip, after microwaving, if you cut around the side of the ear
that was attached to the plant (or just chop it off as in the photo below),
you can squeeze the other side and the ear will slide out with almost no
silk. It is hot!