Cooking with Covid

Oh hi there!

Welcome to the first installment of Cooking with Covid; an interactive series! We have a lot of people who have really diverse backgrounds and specialties in regards to cooking. I’m sure we also have some people who heavily rely on take out / don’t know where to start with cooking / don’t generally enjoy cooking but now have to because fuck you Covid-19.If you’re reading this thinking “hey, you’re right! I do have that thing that I’m really good at making! and I’d love to tell people about it!” Great! You should do so! I’m gonna start with a super simple pasta recipe. I’m going to post the ingredients this week, then set up a Google Meet call Sunday (April 5th 2020 at 4 pm ) where we can cook it together. It doesn’t have to be a weekly thing, it doesn’t have to be this prepared even. Maybe you have the stuff on hand to pickle some red onions and just wanna show people how you do it. Maybe you make a mean Old Fashioned and feel like your way is the right way and you need to educate the masses. The possibilities are endless!

So! Onto the recipe! At my house we simply call this “sausage pasta”. It takes about 30-40 mins, it’s all in one pot, it reheats well, it tastes like it took more effort than it did, and it’s versatile. If you want to cook-along on Sunday, get these ingredients There’s a good chance you have this stuff already on hand… I’ll update this afterwards with the actual recipe.

2 lbs Italian sausage (I’ve also made this with chicken, bratwursts, chorizo, or shrimp. Really you could use whatever protein you want)

3 green bell peppers (Again, you can use red, orange, yellow or a mix.)

1 large onion / 2 medium Vidalia onions.

4-5 cloves of garlic

2 16 oz boxes of bowtie pasta (or any pasta you’d like. I suggest something medium sized; such as rotini or penne.)

1 pt heavy cream (maybe more, maybe less. I tend to use most of the pint sized bottles from Kroger. You could also use milk, it just might not be as thick)

1 box chicken stock/broth

1 ½ tsp oregano

1 ½ tsp paprika


Black pepper

Hopefully this works out, and we all have some tasty pasta on Sunday. See you then!

I do have strong feelings about my personal Old Fashioned preparation…

That may or may not have been directed at you haha

Hi all! Don't forget Cooking With Covid to learn how to make some delicious sausage pasta today at 4! It might be a little closer to 4:15, but I'll keep you posted!

Cooking with Covid!

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I'll be messing around and making sure you can see things, and getting out ingredients for a bit since this is all new.