Cooking the World: El Salvador

It’s arrived. The much anticipated day of pupusa making.

Cooking the World: El Salvador will be Saturday, November 23rd at 1:30 pm. For those unfamiliar with pupusas, they’re essentially stuffed corn patties, topped with a cabbage slaw and a light tomato salsa. They’re delicious.

Pupusas are pretty simple, and freeze really well. I figure we get double to triple the amount of ingredients and just make a ton of them, so people can take some home. The national non-alcoholic drink of El Salvador is Kola Champagne which I already bought! I saw it when I was at Jungle Jim’s grabbing stuff for Denmark’s CTW and figured I’d be prepared ahead of time for a change! The alcoholic national drink is mostly different El Salvadorian beers (none of which I could reliably find), as well as a liquor called Tick-Tack. Evidently it is very similar to Cachaca so I may grab a bottle of that.

The ingredients this month are really short! I’d like to have a headcount by Thursday, November 21st so we know how much to double the recipe.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

I’ve been to El Salvador, and had (vegetarian pupusas.) They are yummy! (:

Sprocket and I will be there. I’ll keep my eyes open for some Tick-Tack.

Kerensa, I'm planning on doing some that are just cheese and bean, as well as cheese and squash! The squash might be more of a Honduran thing, but my friend who introduced me to pupusas insisted I have squash ones if I see them

Dave, yay!! It wouldn't feel like CtW without you!

Barb and I are in for pupusa making Saturday. Thanks for organizing this.


Hi guys! Keep letting me know on here who is planning to attend so I can figure out if I need to double ingredients further

My family and I (4) are interested in attending. What can we bring?

Molly and I plan on attending

Lexi and I plan on attending as well.

It looks like we have at least 14 people interested. The recipe makes 18 and I had already doubled it. Trust me, 1 pupusa is not enough. I might have to go ahead and triple it. As I mentioned, You can always freeze them!

This is the updated ingredient list (it’s already been tripled) We could split up the ingredients even further. Example, 3 lbs of pork shoulder could get pricy for one person to purchase, so if 2 people want to get 1.5 lb that would work too!

I’m also probably going to have to look for more kola champagne, since I only bought 4 bottles haha

We can bring 1.5 lb of pork shoulder

14 people? We’re gonna need a couple gallons of Tick Tack!

Triple… Quadruple… there is no single digit multiplier we could use here that would be too much…

Apparently you’ve never had 3 or 4 times more tick tack than you should have…

tick tack sounds like something you roll a blunt in and smoke to see really cool colors.


After looking at Pork shoulder or Pork Butt it is usually larger than 1.5 lbs.

I’m good with buying a whatever size they have and covering more than 1.5 lbs so we will have more than enough pork.

Dave & Barb.

Awesome, thanks Velzy!
I've signed up for a couple of ingredients as well. If people haven't signed up by tomorrow morning, I'll get the rest on my way to the hive.

Here's the ingredient list again. Put your name next to whatever you're bringing so I know I don't have to get it.


I just signed up to get the remainder of the ingredients.

Thanks for coming out yesterday everyone!! I had a lot of fun and the pupusas were delicious! I'll edit the original post to include the seasoning for the sqaush we ended up doing since I don't think it's in there.

Also! If anyone has photos, send them my way at I've been meaning to make wiki pages for each country we've done and am slacking on that.

Lastly, I'll probably make a separate post about this,but as I said yesterday, there will not be a CtW for December. It's too hectic with the holidays, so we'll resume in January with France! I'll provide more details as soon as I have them figured out.