Cooking the World: Denmark!

Apparently I forgot to make it accessable at first. Fixed!

Alright all, what sounds good? Cured salmon, roast pork and cabbage, smoked cheese and radish, frikadeller, all sound tasty. I didn't like pickled herring when I tried it last, but that was forever ago, and since it's mentioned everywhere as being super authentic I feel like we should make it.


Hi again!

Reposting this spreadsheet with the different varieties of Smørrebrød so we can decide which we would like to make!

I also didn’t get much feedback as to if we just want to have people take on tasks on their own (So far I think Hodapp has gravalax handled), or meet Sunday October 13th to do them as a group. As previously mentioned, I know that Made in Camp is Saturday, so people might be burned out. I am not available the weekend of 10-18th, so we would have to meet this weekend to pickle as a group, to give the pickled things the 2 weeks some suggest. If we do not meet this weekend, We might just have to scrap Smørrebrød and go back to Stegt Flaesk as our dish.

I want to give people the option to weigh in on what Smørrebrød we make.

So, tldr

  1. What Smørrebrød variety sounds like something you want to eat?
  2. Do you want to come in Sunday, October 13th around 1pm to do group pickling?

Thanks all!

Thanks for putting this together.

I don’t know about everyone else but I’m not going to be able to be around 10/13. I’ll plan on making the gravlax and the raevesauce still, as I’m going to need dill anyway and I have the other ingredients.

I guess I’d vote for that, and:

  • Curried herring… I haven’t been a fan of normal pickled herring and curry makes everything great. Also, this looks like it takes less time.
  • Various vegetable/cheese toppings (still looking)
  • Ham and italiensk salat

but I’m not going to complain about anything else on that list.

Alright guys!

Cooking the world is going to be on Sunday, October 27th at 1:30 pm

Hodapp (assuming it’s cool with you) is going to make gravalax & the accompanying sauce on his own. I’m going to make pickled beets (because I want them and I have beets at home). On the 27th we will make the Smørrebrød varieties that take the least amount of time. I’ll get the ingredient list sign up sheet written up some time this weekend. Smørrebrød is also very up to you, so if you wanna throw remoulade on your cheese sandwich, you go for it! Put roast beef on your fried fish sandwich! Put make an all veggie tomato, beets and potato sandwich! If there’s something you wanna bring in that you think would just go well, go for it!

Sorry for all the confusion this month. I’m good at being ambitious and going overboard on things I nerd out about (something I’m sure NO ONE here is familiar with ((heavy sarcasm)) so I had to reel myself in a little.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

The ingredient sign up list is live! I also have listed to the side what combinations I’ve chosen.

Hodapp, don’t feel obligated to bring anything else, since you’re already doing the gravalax. You’re a peach.

ALSO. I have finally looked up how the heck to pronounce this dish. It’s difficult to type out so:

Smuhr-bruh? Kinda? Anyways. Last day to sign up for ingredients is Friday, October 25th (which is also Needlecraft Night. Check it out if you haven’t been!) As always, I’ll pick up anything that hasn’t been signed up for after then. I also will likely forget something and need someone to grab something last minute (likely Dave Schwinn) haha

Hi all!

Just a reminder that this event is on Sunday, and the deadline for ingredient sign up is this Friday, Octoher 25th

I'm planning on attending and will sign up for bringing some of the ingredients and for taking a turn keeping a two (three?) year old entertained.

This is on Sunday, at 1:30 pm!

I evidently forgot to make the ingredient sign up sheet edit-able (Sorry!) but now you can actually sign up for ingredients!

Looking forward to seeing everyone!