Cooking the World: Canada!

We haven’t had any additional RSVPs, plus we’re also gonna have poutine, so I think we’ll be good with what we have.

I put us down for the vegetables needed for the tourtiere.

We also have a 12-pack of Crush cream soda.

Sorry for my late response. I am planning to make it to this. I’ll claim the remaining items for the Caesar and the savory.

If I should happen to see some good ground pork while I’m out, I’ll get that too.

Is vodka still needed for the Caesar? I’m asking because I have some Svedka at home, but I don’t know if it’s enough on its own.

We have some vodka (also svedka!) So if you wanna bring yours too, we should be fine.
Looking forward to seeing you!

We now have 64 oz of Clamato because I could not find smaller amounts. The rest of you can fight over who gets to take the rest home.


That stuff is bait water.

Is it what it sounds like? Clam + Tomato?

It is!!!

It’s definitely an acquired taste, but I used to drink it a lot when I was a kid. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I think they are just repackaging industrial waste to get rid of it.
Apparently you can get an “adult” version drink (with bacon)



Grabbing the rest of the ingredients today! See everyone tomorrow!

Realized I posted the wrong recipe in the original post. I originally had been flip flopping between 2 recipes, and accidentally posted the one I didn't end up going with.

This is the one that goes with our ingredient list

I will be coming to the event today with my friend Chris. Kate and Sophia send their regrets.

I am rendering the lard for the tourtiere crust as I type.

Yay! Looking forward to meeting Chris!
Tell Sophia and Kate that I miss them.

All, I forgot to grab parsley from my garden this morning, is there any chance anyone can grab some on their way in? I'm currently cleaning up the Hive kitchen

I need to stop by the grocery store on the way so I’ll grab parsley. So I’ll be a little late. Not sure if Chris is actually coming. Don’t hold your breath.

It supremely sucks that you have to clean the kitchen before using it. Sounds like someone wasn’t being excellent to others when they left their shit out.

Thanks to everyone who came out! I'm really loving the increasing turnout for these!

Wonderful meat pie was had by all! Thank you Kayla and everyone.

Oh Canada We Stand On Guard For Thee!

The poutine cleanup committee