"Contact Us" - What is the HIVE's phone number?

I'm planning to phone DaveB tonight at the HIVE around the dinner/
meeting time to discuss the Galileo circuit boards. I didn't see the
HIVE's phone number listed in either a main site or wiki site "Contact
Us" section.

What is the HIVE's phone number and is it live with all the latest


The Hive phone number is (513) 593-9292. I’ll see about making it more obvious on the site.

Is the phone hooked up? I know it is an IP phone, did Chris Anderson get around to reconnecting it?

If not, is it possible to observe him when he does? I only have theoretical knowledge of IP phones.

Currently all the backend settings should already be done, so watching him will mainly just consist of making sure that the port it is plugged into is punched down on the panel and hooked into the switch.

That said, Chris A. is a great resource to talk to about IP phones.

the phone works :slight_smile:

also i am working on a draft "Contact Us" page in WP, if someone other
than me wants to review it/add to it before publishing.