Contact Information

Hello! I’ve been directed here from the Hive13 Facebook page in search of contact info for the Hive13 leadership. I have a friend from the Contemporary Arts Center who is looking for some means to set up a collaboration. We’ve both tried the email addresses listed on the Contacting Us section of the wiki with no response. I completely understand that everybody has lives and responsibilities outside the group so please don’t take this as me complaining at all. I’m not sure that she’s comfortable with google groups or that communicating with the entire mailing list is really appropriate, so is there some other option?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Will,

I’d be more than happy to communicate with your friend. Indeed some of our leadership can get busy at times!

If you want to send me her email or give her my email that would be great.

Looking forward to talking with her!


Jon Neal
Hive13 COO

Thanks Jon, I’ll pass on the information!