Concerts coming up. Hacking music...


Tonight, Tristan Perich is playing at CCM. The series is presented by the CAC, you will find tickets on their website. Tristan makes electronics (usually hundreds of tiny uController controlled sound objects installed in the space and playing "1 bit music" aka PWM or "Atari punk" if you will). This is coupled with a brilliant pianist tonight, Vicki Chow. Sorry for the late notice, but Tristan is a friend, and his art, music, and hacking is captivating. Everyone enjoys it. Tonight -- see CAC webpage for details.

I am doing a Faculty recital / installation at CCM on Sept 27th. It is free. I will reveal more later. It will be bad ass seat of your pants weirdness!


Thanks Lorin! I couldnt find tickets for it on the CCM website though. Would you mind giving us a link to it?