Computer workstation removal on Saturday, be prepared


As noted at meeting:

I am temporarily removing the workstation I loaned to Hive13 to install new hardware / software, and update my lab inventory procedures. This will happen SATURDAY.

Although this is my registered machine, I consider this is a shared resource of my lab and hive13. It (or another, virtually identical workstation) will return. The immediate pay-off is that, after this period, I will host some VR nights at Hive13 with the new stuff, including my HTC Vive, and possibly some occulus from DAAP or colleague’s lab.

  • I will not erase any files / documents intentionally (but mistake could happen)

  • I will copy all current hive stuff to the 2TB HDD (D:) from SSD to free up SSD resources.

  • If you have important files on the SSD (C:), please take a moment to back up.

  • If it’s not a big deal, your files will be on D: when workstation returns.

  • I am also taking my ASUS HD monitor with it.
    Thank you for bearing with me, and for continuing to respect my property on loan to Hive.

Also, thanks for tolerating some UC red tape – this process allows me to install university and lab licensed software on this machine. Because Hive13 has participated in grants, my classes, and other activities with UC they are being very kind to share software we ordinarily could not have!