Computer Donation?

I’m going to be retiring one of my development machines. Before craigslist gets it, I’m offering to the hive.

Thinkpad T61p
15" 1920x1200 screen
Intel onboard graphics (original Nvidia Quadro2 mb de-BGA’d)
Core Duo T7500 2.2Ghz
500GB platter disc
Docking station with dual monitor support, 1x DVI 1x VGA 4x USB 1x 9pin RS232 1x DB25 parallel

It’s not bad ass by any means but it is currently in active use as my #2 development machine currently. I’ll be retiring it in favor of a X230 w/ dock I just picked up. If anyone can think of a productive use for it, LMK. I don’t want to contribute to clutter.


Dave, Jon,
What computer are we planning to drive the NEW laser with?

Would this come with a Windows license? Not that I don’t love the XP desktop that is currently in-play, but…


It has a Vista (Ha!) COA and W7 on the drive.


-I’m keeping this machine’s original 240GB SSD that cost a fortune new (2011).
-The 500Gb platter drive coming with the laptop is a used and of unknown condition Seagate Momentus Thin 5400RPM date code 25DEC2012(came from $100 busted screen X230 craigslist laptop which is now fixed, i.e. the T61p’s replacement) which was upgraded to a 500Gb Samsung 850Evo SSD (Microcenter $169.00 special).

Micro Center has many 128Gb SSDs for under $75, some even under $50. Probably would be worth the money if you wanted a solid, fast computer to run the laser.


And further disclosure: the laptop has no battery - I’ve been using it as a desktop for past 2 years or so.

I purchased a few SFF C2D desktops for fablab control computers, but this laptop does sound like slightly better, and more importantly smaller, hardware than I have on hand. Size is the main attraction. The lab is about to become very crowded, and I’d love to continue the push toward small form factor machines.

It could certainly be put to good use.

I was thinking about the lab size last time I was there. With the addition of the new storage shelves, maybe the existing member storage can eventually be moved and the lab extended out a bit.

Building new walls is a big deal so I’m assuming we would not go that far, but I was thinking some of the shelves that hold scrap wood could go on the other side of wall, freeing up space inside.

You can actually mount the laptop’s dock vertically in which case it can consume virtually no space (about 3" total thickness) when only using external monitors on the dock. If I have time to swap drives out, I’ll bring it today otherwise I’ll drop you an email after it’s dropped off Ryan.

We will also need a basic machine for electronics soon. We should have one for data logging, USB scopes / data, and dev boards. Laptop would be ideal. Personally I use a surprisingly similar laptop for my secondary bench computer.