Computer Data Dump

I just thought I would make a offer to the Hive peep’s this year Defcon had a Data Dump Archive available. People interested could bring hard drives and make copies of all computer tech video’s etc they put together to help people and learn computers etc.

I was one of very few people that managed to get a complete dump as such I wish to share it as well if anyone is interested.

This archive is 8TB’s and will take me some time to digest what all is on it and in it but as a skim over it is largely Video of lectures given at a large variety of Computer Tech Con’s Defcon Smoocon etc internet TV shows such as Hak5 and Maker fair’s some others and a very diverse collection of Ebooks on computer’s and programing languages and source code.
Since I know there is some coder’s about in the group might find the books or code of interest.

If there is interest I will try and generate a break down and various sizes of sub directories for example videos from said con’s or people just interested in the Ebooks etc, and over the next few weeks copy off to what ever devices you guys like to have a copy of or if the Hive has the room on the server a clone copy of my drives to it and everyone can hash over it to their own delight.

Just so people are aware of up front this is not a overly fast process with hardware duplication it still took nearly 12 hours to make copy of each drive.

Also learned during the Con WD Green drives have a horrific fail rate for that level of duration copying Just a FYI

I’d be interested. Do you have any kind of filelist or catalog? I don’t have enough storage to archive the whole thing but I may snag a couple TB.

Yea Kinda Working on that, umm trying to find a good way to generate usable collection of the first drive now has over 14k directories and something like 500k+ files,
I know the other drive is much worse :stuck_out_tongue:

ok so here’s a quick and dirty list of directories

blue.txt (279 KB)

green.txt (239 KB)

Doesn’t fastor have plenty of room? Perhaps we should consider copying this on fastor? Then anyone who would want to peruse it could do so at the hive easily.

Fastor is getting full quick

How is that possible? Wasn’t it 6mos ago (when Dave wanted to upgrade it) we had massive amts of tbs free?

Not sure how, I was wanting to use it to transfer a external 2tb hard drive to another drive and if I am not mistaken there wasn’t even 1tb left.

Gotcha. I must have been mistaken then

I originally set up FaStor to replace HiveStor, which had become totally unreliable. Fastor doesn’t have a lot of space. It never did. It was cobbled together with a bunch of donated junk. Everything in/attached to FaStor is owned by the Hive. I think it had around 1.2TB of storage total spread across 24 drives. It is set up with a high level of redundancy so many drives can die without data loss. It’s fast enough to saturate our network but it is NOT high capacity.

There are terabytes of storage in Ian’s servers that were turned off because they weren’t being used and we had power issues prior to the new UPS. It would probably make sense to put all of the larger drives in one server, run FreeNAS on it, export iSCSI to whatever cloud infrastructure we are going to have and then make the rest available for folks to use. But it hasn’t happened yet. I’ll try to ask Ian about it because I think those machines are still Ian’s property not Hive13 property and I don’t want to drastically reconfigure them without asking.


Ahh gotcha that must be what I was thinking of. Thanks for the clarification Dave