Community teacher directory

Hey all,

I'm going to start assembling a community teacher Rolodex of various people who want to teach interesting workshops. There are lots of gifted teachers around who WANT to teach classes at Hive13. An interesting thing about our profession is that we get career and employer recognition for doing community teaching.

I am prioritizing community and grass roots folks, as well as professionals. Don't worry, I'm not favoring UC or profs.

This is an open ended project so let me know if anyone you know should be included. In fact I need suggestions.

As a start, here is Sam Ferris-Morris, he already teaches beginner Arduino out of his house! Great guy:

He taught himself all of these skills as well as learning through maker community. So he has our vibe. He's excited to do basic arduino, hacking, art, etc.


Can i get another AWESOME


Way to go lorin!!!

Kick ass! Are we talking about opening up these workshops to the general public? Maybe for a small fee to cover parts? I’d love the opportunity to do the sort of educational work I get to do with the CAC at HIve13.

Brent Shields and I were just talking with Sam and his friend Justin West last week about this sort of thing. They helped with the Hive13 / CAC Makerspace collaboration thing on Wednesday and were fantastic! The problem I saw, though, was in the Hive’s ability to act as an educational space while in it’s current state of disarray. The meeting tables have a permanent collection of computer peripherals and shit on them. The AC also seems to be down a lot so it’s hot as hell in there. It’s fine for us but might be distracting for newcomers.