Coming to a Tuesday night near you - So you want to be an LLC?

So you want to be an LLC? * (* = Limited Liability Corporation)

This is a reminder and shameless plug for the upcoming presentation
and round-table discussion on this popular topic at HIVE13 on Tuesday,
Sept. 27 immediately after the regular 7:30 pm
business meeting.

Jim and Craig will host the discussion, starting with a brief initial
presentation, then some real-world experience, and ending with some
general Q&A discussion. All interested lurkers, entrepreneur
wannabees, and experienced company owners are welcome to participate
and share their aspirations and experience in this lively exchange.

Here is your chance to learn from others and start taking steps
towards owning your own company.

Jim & Craig

Here is the link to the presentation from earlier tonight

The discussion Tuesday was enlightening. I enjoyed it.

Just as an FYI, my accountant/legal adviser Rick Jones said he would be willing to stop by any Tuesday to have a Q&A with the group. I’ll let Jim arrange the next meeting then invite him to that. It seemed like there was plenty of interest.

I’m really sorry I missed it, I’ve just started reading up on creating an LLC.

I agree. Having so many folks present who are experienced in matters
like this is great, and very relevant as we have plenty of members who
have shown interest in marketing some creations.