Coming soon: return of Cooking the World events

Hey party people!

With the resurrection of having a Hive13 kitchen quickly approaching; I’m intending on the resurrection of Cooking the World!

Since we have so many new members, I wanted to reintroduce the concept so you can get excited :grin:

Cooking the world started because I wanted to cook my way through Wikipedia’s “national dish” list.

At 2929 we would have a monthly event where I’d post the recipe at the beginning of the month, with a sign up sheet for the ingredients (this helps us take the financial burden off one single person) normally about 2 weeks before the actual event. We made our way through the alphabet, with one dish/country from each letter. We ended at Hungary so that’s where I’m planning on picking back up.

Then, on the day of the event, we cook a large scale of the dish, listen to music from that country, and have a generally fun time, before feasting! I generally try to get a non alcoholic and an alcoholic option from that country as well.

I don’t have a solid date for when I’ll be bringing this back, but like I said, I wanted to plant this little seed in all your brains to grow a beautiful excitement plant.

Keep your eyes out for more details in the upcoming months!


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Aw, Heath that’s how we met!

It is <3.

And with CTW happening, and a new kitchen, I may try to get a cooking class together :eyes:


Hell yeah. I am here for that.

Same. I can be your snarky sous!

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