Come Help Move Hive13! Thursday, 6:00p-9:00p; Saturday and Sunday 10:00a-4:00p

We are trying to be MOVED OUT of the old building by AUGUST 1ST, which is ONLY 5 WEEKS FROM NOW.

We will have Hive13 Move Workdays this Thursday, 6:00p-9:00p and Saturday and Sunday 10:00a-4:00p.

This week(end)'s move goals, in order of priority, will be:


  2. Finish wood shop electrical (wire receptacles and breakers)

  3. Set up Temporary storage in front space for items moved over from old space that are not ready to go to a permanent location

  4. Finish member storage shelves (cut, place, and screw down plywood)

  5. Other electrical work (Pull cable for lasers, machine tools, etc; wire receptacles and breakers, pull wire for welding room)

  6. Move other stuff (Lasers, Lathe, Mill, Glass, Electronics, 3D Printing)
    To support this we need:

  7. PEOPLE - last week we got a lot done, but were limited by the number of people we had. It would be ideal to have a group of 4 people on each of the above tasks, each day

  8. Trucks and Trailers (Moving is the top priority this weekend, we WILL use them)

  9. Carts, pallet jacks, and pallets at the old hive
    Please post here with what days you can come, and which tasks you will focus on (#1 and #2 are the clear priorities).


Kevin M.
Hive13 Secretary

I will be in Thursday, focusing on finishing up the woodshop electrical, and Saturday focusing on moving stuff. I will bring a flatbed truck to help move machinery.


I would like to continue the electrical Rough/Final install for Panel X on Saturday.
I hope this supports the need.

  • Todd

That would be great Todd, thanks again for all your help! Any chance you can make Thursday as well? It’d be amazing if we could get the wood shop electrical knocked out and turned on even before the weekend.

Hi Kevin,
OK – I can make it Thursday.
I’ll plan for Saturday too. I can switch to the next Panel if X is complete.
See ya then,

  • Todd

I’m in for Thursday, Saturday and if my body holds up well, Sunday too.
I’ll work on finishing the breakers in Panel X and driving a forklift to move drywall or any other heavy lifting we need.

I can be there all three days and bring a teammate or two from the Bionic Tigers to help

I should be able to come out Saturday.

I’ll be there Thursday, I’ll look into getting some pallets for the weekend.

I have a virtually unlimited supply of used pallets. how many do we need? I need my truck to pick them up.

A pickup truck full out to do it. If you have any with a full platform - only small gaps between boards that would be best for moving.

Where should people show up tonight? 2929 (old) or 2701 (new)?
I will be down a little after 6:00 but will have to spend some of my time on a Zoom meeting with another organization. I should be able to do that while I’m there.

We’re going to be at 2701 the new space.