Hello All,
Im need someone to finish certifying me on the cnc and watch me use it to cut and make my box for storage.

Joe Pomeroy

This is one of the things I can help out with in my Woodworking Warden Hours.

The issue for me is i work during the week at night so the best time for me is Saturday morning to afternoon.

Joe Pomeroy

I can frequently do that too. This weekend is a no go due to the metal shop door and cleanup day, but we can coordinate for another day.

Are you free Friday at anytime?

I have will have been at Hive13 every day this week except today. Sorry, but I need a break. If I come in Friday it will be to do crafts and torchwork with my family.

Ok no worrys man, so we can just figure something out. When would u be free next to do this, i could next Friday anytime after 1230 or Thursday the 28th during warden hours.

Friday the 22nd is Needlecraft Night, so Ideally we would avoid having the CNC active then, but any warden hours should be good.

There may be other members that can meet you at other times than I can.



I will be in for wood shop warden hours to get help rounding the edges of my desk shelf. I may hit you up to observe and (hopefully) certify me on the CNC rounter as well, time permitting.


Sounds good. Do you have a CNC project ready to go? Have you taken the class?

I will try to have a small project ready for tomorrow. Took the class last Saturday.