CNC Warden Hours Sunday 1pm to 4pm

CNC Warden Hours will start Sunday 8/26/18 1 pm to 4 pm. Also on Tuesdays after the weekly meeting and Monday 9/17/18 from 5 pm to 7pm.

Warden hours are unstructured open hours where we focus on learning and sharing. Bring your questions. Don’t worry if you have no experience with machine tools or metalworking. We proceed at the speed of learning. That said, Warden hours are not going to be structured as class time though it’s always nice to have something going on to talk about.

First CNC Warden Project; Mount the 4 inch Rotary Table on the Mill.

We have a 4 inch rotary table that owing to different size hold down slots is not easily mounted to the mill. There is a solution. We’ll make the parts required to mount the 4 inch rotary table on the mill, with the mill.

During this session you can learn to use our mill as we machine new mounting t-nuts from raw stock, drill and tap the nuts for 3/8th inch hold down bolts. Cut an Aluminum mounting plate and mill slots in the edge. While we need to make these parts, the reason for doing it during warden hours is to provide a learning opportunity by making something real.

Interested, but can’t make it on Sunday? Check in with me after the weekly Tuesday meeting.

Upcoming CNC Warden Projects: Replace the pinion gears on the CNC Router, Resurface the CNC Router Spoil board. Work on getting the SHAPEOKO ready for operations and in a permanent home.

Thank you for this initiative. Sundays are excellent for me, as I still want to learn more about the CNC machine, and I’ve had problems with the serial number for Vcarve as it is.