CNC Warden Hours Sunday 1pm to 4pm or so

Today, Kevin planed the Router table surface. It needed it.
Thanks, Kevin.

During the first half of the resurface job, the e-stop tripped a dozen times.
We fiddled with the switches and reset so many times, I finally disconnected the e-stop wiring at the panel.
With the pull cable switch out of the circuit, there were no e-stops for the second half of the resurface job.
So the diagnosis seems clear.

During Sunday warden hours, I’ll experiment with the circuit to see if the intermittent e-stop jitters can be cured or if we need to rethink the e-stop mechanism.
The easiest fix may be a stronger tension spring on the e-stop pull. It seemed very weak today.

If anyone wants to get checked out on the Laser, Mill or Lathe please drop by during Warden Hours.
Anyone wanting to learn the CNC router should sign up for John’s class.

Paul Marsh and I disconnected the E-stop at the control board once when he was running a job, and it still triggered.

Thanks for the spoil board planing, Kevin!


no problem!

Might be nice to write up a one pager on planing the spoil board.

Happy to help after the meeting.