CNC use intro class

We will cover CAD, CAM and postprocessing as well as info on mills (router bits) and calculating "feeds and speeds" in the AM session.

After a break (bring your lunch or go out on your own), we will demonstrate the Hive 1 3 CNC router and each attendee will run a tool path.

The fee includes a mill to take along.

To qualify to use the Hive 1 3 CNC we require that you complete this seminar, then contact a Hive 1 3 CNC machinist and have them observe you running your own (simple) project.

You can contact a machinist via the Hive 1 3 mailing list.

Non members will need to sign a release before taking the course.

Fee: $20 for members; $30 for nonmembers

no refund

Eventbrite url:


November 17

Cya there! Thanks for organizing this!


I'm very interested and hope to be there

I’m definitely interested.

for those that don’t follow the link, date and time:

Sat, November 17, 2018

10:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST


Thanks for the note!


Class complete!

Thanks to the attendees!

Happy Thanksgiving

See you next year!


When I came to the hive today I saw this on the cnc.
I’m concerned the wires are going to get severed by the bearing if people aren’t careful. Anything you can suggest we do?



The chain wire guide is broken at a critical point. During the class, we kept just putting it back but we were only doing very short programs.
-Dave (non- Velzy)

Thanks for the info. I snapped the chain back together and made a temporary repair with duct tape and hot glue.

The temp repair sounds good for now. I'm travelling until next week. There are more links to the wire guide around and a metal hinge at the rail will make it good long term.