CNC Training - Certification - Sunday 12/18 10am - 2pm

If you recently completed your training and was looking to run your first project on the CNC. I will be at the Hive Sunday 12/18 from 10a-2pm. If you plan to attend please post as such I imagine we could get 2-3 small projects ran during this time wouldn’t want to get overloaded and not have time for everyone.

I am interested. I took the class last Saturday.
I was not at the meeting Tuesday night and I wasn’t able to pick up the end mill. Any idea how I can get it by Sunday?
I also have a cheap set ordered from Amazon that should be here tomorrow.

Thanks for doing this.

The end mills have arrived and are at the Hive now. You will be able to collect yours on Sunday.

  • Ry

The carbide inserts are in for the people that took the metal lathe threading class.
Find me and I’ll give you your own little triangle . . .

Excellent John and Trey are the only ones I am expecting at the moment if anyone else wants they can feel free to show up as well. I will be leaving pretty promptly at 2:30pm starting clean up around 2:00pm.

Hey Tim,
Did John and Trey show up? Thanks for holding open cert hours!

Not yet. I believe it’s set for Sunday, not Saturday.

John would be correct.

oops, sorry I read that as saturday! :slight_smile: after the 1st of the year I will try to get some updated laminated cards with certified users on it.


Three new users have been certified

And John

Last names are helpful :slight_smile: but I’ll msg you when we get there off list lol