Cnc router

I'll be at the Hive this afternoon and evening using the CNC


Please notify me if you get an estop.

I think the e-stop cable is unhooked.

We should post a note to that effect.
Maybe we should replace the cable with a push button e-stop on each open corner?

I was e stopped! A few times actually. It was working perfectly the other week.

Also, where’s the Dremel tool???

Dremel is in the tool chest, bottom drawer.

Dave moved a bunch of stuff into the tool chest, if you can't find something that's normally on the shelves, look in there.

Thanks found it.
What about the narrow wrench for changing out the saw blade?

On the table saw that is.

Would it be near the small bladed screwdrivers? Lol!

A) there is a note about the disconnected estop still hanging from the bottom of the CNC Monitor.
B) The Router e-stopped a half dozen times Saturday so the e-stop was disconnected. After disconnecting it , there were no further estops on Saturday.
C) The intent is to wait for an estop to occur which will help isolate the source of the verdammt estop.
D) Now we have proof it is something on the control board.

Paul. Where was the spindle positioned when it estopped? Any Pattern?

E) I think we’re gonna need some controller ninja work. Unfortunately that ain’t me.

Seems to be stopping on straight cuts tonight. X and y axis solo e stops.

Wheres the wrench for the shaft on the table saw? I found the nut wrench in the dust box.
I would have thought it would be with all the blades…

Usually anything above 40 feed rate.

I'm thinking the next step is to disable the pin in software from being an E-Stop.