Cnc router

Heads up, I'll be at the shop using the CNC Router this evening starting just after 5.


Hi Paul, mind if I join you between somewhere around 5:30pm to 7pm? will be happy to get to know how to operate the CNC

Sorry, I'm just now seeing this message.

I'd be happy to show you how she works but you'll need to get an official training by John if you'd like to use it on your own.

It seems Wednesday's are best for my schedule lately. I'll most likely be back two Wednesday's from now if you want to reschedule.

Thanks Paul, will try to be there on one of these Wednesdays. Will also check how I can get a hold of John

I'll be at the shop this evening using the CNC Router for a few hours.


I'll be at the shop around 6 tonight to use the CNC Router for a couple hours. Thanks.