CNC Router - More estop info.

Digging through the depths of the MACH3 config files I found a Noise Filtering of Inputs screen.
It states: An input must be stable for the specified amount of time in microseconds before it will be considered valid. Values will be assigned to groups of similar signals.

The specified values will be rounded to the nearest multiple of about 1.43 microseconds. To disable filtering for a given groups of inputs, use a value of 0.0 microseconds.

All of the filter settings were zero. We changed the EStop and Limits noise filter to 20000 microseconds or 20 milliseconds.

The CNC Router is operational. I would be interested in immediate feedback on any estop signals you encounter.


PS - Don’t even try to use the CNC router if someone is welding at the same time. The EMI is too much.

So mach3 handles the debouncing of inputs on the computer software side? That’s so LPT1 ala 1987…


Thanks for the digging!